Irritant: Excessive selection

I want to select a sentence. Sometimes, instead of the sentence, the entire paragraph is selected. Inside a table, contents of the entire cell are selected. It is inexplicable and frustrating. Here is what you do in such cases.

Here is the action replay. I want to select the second paragraph.
I am using Shift Right Arrow to select the text, one character at a time.



Usually we get frustrated at this point. We give up the effort and start all over again … HOPING that it will work this time.

The solution is … Press SHIFT  and LEFT ARROW once. That’s all.

Even if you use Shift CTRL RightArrow to select word by word, this problem can occur. The solution is exactly the same. Shift LeftArrow.

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How to select a column in an Excel table

Usually we select ENTIRE column rather than the data column. That leads to many side effects including applying unnecessary formatting to millions of rows or thousands of columns. Tables make it extremely easy to select only the data in a column. See for yourself.


Just hover the mouse cursor over the column name in a table and click. It selects only the data in the column – not the entire sheet column. Even if there are empty cells in the column, the entire data column will be selected. To select a table row, right click and choose Select – Table Row.
Now you NEVER need to select entire columns and rows across the sheet.