Mega Quiz Winner and Correct Answers

Congratulations Mr. Pratyush Nayak for winning the quiz. Amazing performance – he got all the right answers in just 5 minutes and 3 seconds. What is even more commendable is that he got all answers right in the first attempt!
Mr. Pratyush please send me a mail at Office Mix does not reveal your contact details.
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Monthly Quiz – July 2014

Quiz time. This is a special quiz created using Office Mix – a new PowerPoint add-in from Microsoft. This time the stakes are higher USD 50. Ten questions. If you have been reading this blog, you should be able to derive the answers.

Best of Luck. Click here to start the quiz.

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Choosing the winner – All answers must be correct, minimum attempts, minimum time. If there are many potential winners, then a random number will be generated to choose the winner. Ideally, I should choose the person who answered first in chronological order. However, this site is viewed from 80+ countries across different time zones. Therefore, to be fair to everyone, I will use the random number approach. Hope it is ok with everyone.

We have a winner

The right answer was given again by Kakesh. Congratulations!


The question

If you have tabular data copied from Excel which contains a list of email ids, how to convert it to a semicolon delimited list for sending a mail. Of course, the quiz was to find the quickest and smartest way.

How to convert this…


to this…;;;;;

The right answer

The answer is that you don’t have to do anything special.

Most email applications understand the issue and they know how to convert a tabular copy paste to a semicolon delimited list. In most cases, you don’t have to do anything special.

Just copy and paste the tabular data into the To, CC or BCC fields and click send as usual.

If you want to see the process in action, press Ctrl K or click on Check Names button in Outlook. It will process the data and show you the results.


Email etiquette

I hope you already know this but just to be sure… If you are sending a mail to many unrelated people, put the names in BCC and put your own name in the To list. This way we protect the privacy of all the recipients.

Even though you may know all these people, they may not know each other. Therefore, it is your job to protect their identity.

Quiz Winner Announcement


Thanks to Kamal Karnataka, Udit Jain, Amit Rao, Anand Mahajani, Mahasdash for posting replies.

Kakesh was declared the winner because he explained both uses of Quick Click clearly- for Follow Up Flag default and Color Category default.

His answer was:

Quick click is a way of categorizing the emails. In a single click a mail or contact can be categorized to default category. Default category can be set using set up quick clicks. Custom followup flags can also be made using custom option where start date , end date can also be defined.Similarly for contact also flag can be defined using single click. In a table view of contact flag option comes and by clicking that once it sets the flag to default category. I use quick click for making a mail important one so that I can review the same at a later date also. So I have to review only my important mails at a later date.

Quick Recap

Remember to use Color Categories to color code your mails, tasks, calendar entries and even contacts. Try to standardize use of color categories at least within your team – to avoid confusion.

DO NOT use flags to mark tasks – convert mails to tasks.

Quiz Time: Win 20 USD or 1500 INR gift voucher

We have had a series of Outlook related posts.

It is a good time to test how much you have learnt.


Quiz Question

What is Quick Click in Outlook?
Also specify a practical usage scenario for it.

How to answer

  • Post your answer as a comment on this article in WordPress
  • Answers posted in Facebook pages, LinkedIn, or any other site will not be eligible
  • The quiz is open till 11:59 pm IST today (Monday, 10th Feb 2014)
  • The quiz is open till 12:00 PM IST on Tuesday, 11th Feb 2014 (to ensure that readers from other time-zones can also participate).
  • The person who answers correctly gets the prize
  • If multiple persons (say n)have answered correctly, we will choose the winner randomly using Randbetween (1, n) function in Excel. The n th correct post in chronological order will be considered the winner
  • If the winner is from outside India,  USD 20 Amazon Gift Voucher is the prize
  • If the winner is from India, she can choose from Amazon or Flipkart (INR 1500)
  • We will announce the winner in tomorrow’s post
  • The gift voucher will be mailed to the winner using the email id used in the reply