Knowledge Pack – Excel Tables

Excel Table seems like a trivial feature. But if used correctly, it transforms and improves the way you use Excel dramatically. Here is a set of articles which explain the concept and importance of Excel tables. Many practical usage scenarios are also explained in detail.



All you wanted to know about Tables. In a concise series of articles.

  1. Excel Tables 1 – What and Why?
  2. Excel Tables 2 – Converting regular data to Tables
  3. Excel Tables 3 – Handling manual formatting while creating tables
  4. Excel Tables 4 – Merged Cells and Cross Tab – The Data Villains
  5. Excel Tables 5 – Good Data Checklist
  6. Excel Tables 6 – Miraculous Formula Auto-Copy
  7. Excel Tables 7 – Freeze “Pain”killer
  8. Excel Tables 8 – Automatic copying of everything!
  9. Excel Tables 9 – Unbelievable simplicity – Calculated Columns (Readable Formulas)
  10. Excel Tables 10 – Everything is in a name
  11. Excel Tables 11 – Auto Update Dependent Formulas and References
  12. Excel Tables 12 – Standard Operating Procedure

Data Analytics Webinar – Presentation Download with reference links


Download the Presentation (3 MB). I have added lots of links to related articles and external references including books written by stalwarts in Excel analytics field.

Presentation was used for delivering the webinar. You can download the webinar video from here. Or view it on YouTube using this link.