Knowledge Pack: Office 365 Worst Practices

While working with hundreds of customers globally, I see lot of mistakes being done. This leads to poor ROI and business value. Best Practices get all the limelight. But mistakes are never documented publicly. Hence I am writing this series.

Some mistakes are strategic, some technical, some operational. The worst practices article list is growing! Here is a list of all articles I have written on this topic so far. Future articles will also be added to keep this knowledge pack current. Your comments and suggestions are welcome.


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Knowledge Pack: Track Changes in Word

Track Changes in Word is useful but also confusing – and can even be very dangerous. Read these articles to understand how to use it effectively and safely.

Too many Track Changes? Confused? Here is the solution!
Office Politics: How to enable Track Changes without the other party knowing it!
Office Politics Secrets: Practical use of Track Changes
Legal: You can be cheated using Track Changes
Comparing Compare and Combine!
Document Protection: Quick Reference

Knowledge Pack: Word Tables

A collection of articles covering nuances and usage scenarios of Word Tables.

The curious case of Column Widths in Word tables
Using Formulas in Word tables
Efficiency Test 2: Word
Efficiency Test 4: Word and Efficiency Test 4 : Word : Solution
Create complex tables in seconds
Frustration = Feature Guarantee! (Table Row breaking across pages)
Reorder Word table rows instantly
How to convert multiple column data to a simple list
Building Blocks in Word – The ultimate reuse engine
How to sort a comma separated list in alphabetical order
Table going outside the page? Three click solution.

Knowledge Pack – Excel Tables

Excel Table seems like a trivial feature. But if used correctly, it transforms and improves the way you use Excel dramatically. Here is a set of articles which explain the concept and importance of Excel tables. Many practical usage scenarios are also explained in detail.



All you wanted to know about Tables. In a concise series of articles.

  1. Excel Tables 1 – What and Why?
  2. Excel Tables 2 – Converting regular data to Tables
  3. Excel Tables 3 – Handling manual formatting while creating tables
  4. Excel Tables 4 – Merged Cells and Cross Tab – The Data Villains
  5. Excel Tables 5 – Good Data Checklist
  6. Excel Tables 6 – Miraculous Formula Auto-Copy
  7. Excel Tables 7 – Freeze “Pain”killer
  8. Excel Tables 8 – Automatic copying of everything!
  9. Excel Tables 9 – Unbelievable simplicity – Calculated Columns (Readable Formulas)
  10. Excel Tables 10 – Everything is in a name
  11. Excel Tables 11 – Auto Update Dependent Formulas and References
  12. Excel Tables 12 – Standard Operating Procedure