Too many Track Changes? Confused? Here is the solution!

This requires Word 2013. Just choose Simple Markup from the dropdown. The tracking is hidden. The document is shown as though all changes have been accepted. Wherever there are changes, those are shown with a red line in the margin. Click on the red line to view all tracked changes. Simple and Effective.


When to use Banded Columns in Excel Tables

Banded rows are used by default. But Banded columns need to be selected manually. If you select both, the display becomes cluttered. Here is a situation where using ONLY Banded Columns is useful.

Look at this data below. It contains lots of text in each column and the text is going beyond the column width. Banded columns make the data more readable by showing the demarcation between where one column ends and where the next one starts! That’s it.


While we are at it, why don’t you look at all options available under Table tools in Excel.

Ctrl – Drag = Copy anything


Another simple but extremely useful action. Press Ctrl key and drag the item to copy it. Works in File Explorer, Desktop icons, Paragraphs, SmartArt, Charts, Pivots, Shapes, Pictures, Videos, Visio Shapes, selected cells, and so on across Office and Windows.

Exception: For PowerPoint thumbnail view (left side of Normal slide view), drag first and then press CTRL key.