Speaking Engagements

Dr. Nitin is a prolific writer and coveted speaker. He has conducted sessions at over 2000 events, seminars, meetings and workshops. Most events are arranged specifically for him. However, he is also a popular speaker at industry events.

His style is witty, sarcastic, funny, to-the-point, practical, convincing and motivational. He can relate to any audience and adjust his style on-the-fly. After all, he has coached over 240,000 professionals across the globe. Therefore, whether it is the Chairman and board members or freshly joined interns, he is equally effective and at ease.

He uses sarcasm to educate not to demean people. He also uses technology to the fullest extent – completely integrated with his speech.

Have a look at a recent keynote he delivered at APAC SharePoint Conference.
It is intelligent, hilarious and thought provoking at the same time.

He specializes in covering Work Efficiency related topics. All sessions are customized to the needs of the event / organization. Content usually includes high powered demos with data and documents relevant to the audience. This amplifies the impact of his sessions many times over.

The most common feedback from audience is “eye opener”, “magic show”, “why did I not know this earlier”.

There are many ways of utilizing Dr. Nitin’s amazing command over his subject and his ability to enthrall the audience beyond their imagination. Keynotes, Off-site motivational lectures, orations, sessions for new joiners or students of a new batch, team building events, top management think weeks, top performer meets, leadership development programs, guest lecture series as a part of your curriculum, … the list is endless.

Send a mail to shesham@maxoffice.biz for details. Usually Dr. Nitin’s calendar is booked 3 months in advance.


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