Power Map Example: Plotting Flight Path

Hello from New Zealand. Here for 5 days conducting over 15 sessions for key customers.

We have seen how to use Power Map for Excel and create geographical visualizations. Read these articles for details. We will plot a flight path using Power Map in this article. Here is how it looks.


Photo credit: lebribri / Foter / CC BY-SA

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HR: Enhance your CV with a map

Yes. That is right. If you have worked with lots of customers, providing a list of customers consumes lot of space and nobody reads it anyway! Why not show the customers you have worked with in a region or globally by plotting them on a map? Here is how you do it – in just 2 minutes – if you have the data ready.

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High impact data presentations using Power Map Tour

image Till now we have seen various aspects of plotting geographical information.
How do you present this information to others? Often we want to show our plans in a step by step manner – going from one location / region to another.
This can be done using Tours in Power Map.
Let us explore how this can be done.

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3D Map with Date/Time based animation: In-depth

image Power Map series article 3.We will explore how to plot and interpret date/time type of information visually on the 3D map. This type of visualization is new to most of us.Therefore, this article clarifies the core concepts by taking a very simple example.

Read on to sharpen your analytical skills.

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Uncover hidden secrets: 3D, Time Animated Map using Power Map

 image In this article we will explore how to use date or time values to visualize information in a completely new way.

Power Map uses the date or time information in the data to create an animated visualization which is out of the world! Have a look…

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