OneNote Handwriting Search: On Android, iPad in 25 languages!

OneNote is going from strength to strength – that too across all kinds of devices. Many of us have handwritten notes. Handwriting search was limited to notes viewed on PC / Windows Tablets earlier. Now it is available on Android and iPad as well.

The only pre-requisite is that the content (the OneNote Notebook) must be stored on OneDrive. If you already have handwritten notes, those will be searchable immediately. If you have actually captured notes just now using Android or iPad, (of course you need a stylus for this), you need to wait for few minutes for the notes to be made searchable.

Try it out. It is amazing.

One Precaution: Make sure you take the notes horizontally. If these are tangential or angled, the recognition is not very effective.

Also remember that the processing of handwriting happens on the OneDrive server. Therefore, you need internet connection for this kind of search to be available.

Read this article to know more about using handwriting in OneNote.
Writing notes in OneNote: Practical Guidelines

Multiple persons can edit the same document at the same time

This may come as a surprise to many of you, but yes it is true. Excel always allowed editing in Shared mode – but that was from a file share. Not from a SharePoint site. Now Word, PowerPoint and OneNote documents can be edited simultaneously.

This brilliant feature has been available since 2010 if you store the files in SharePoint or on SkyDrive (which is now called OneDrive). Editing can be done on a PC with full product, on a browser or iPad – in any combination. Excel can only be browser and iPad.

In this article, we will explore this facility in detail. We will use Office on iPad as the context for this exploration.


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PowerPoint for iPad – Practical Review

What is a practical review? Well, it is a review which focuses less on technology and more about its usefulness. I will also provide guidelines on when PowerPoint should be used on iPad and when you need the full desktop product.

The idea is to make sure that you know what is possible and what is not – so that  you don’t have any surprises DURING a presentation!


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Office for iPad : Finally we can work!

If you own an iPad, this is a must must have application. The Office for iPad was recently released. Free version is a viewer, paid version allows editing. Now serious work is possible on iPad!

In this introductory article, I present the results of a quick test drive and the appropriate usage scenarios. In brief, the products are created with unmatched finesse. Some features are so enviable, you don’t get them on PC as well! read on to find out more…


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