(in)Efficiency Tests

As we are using Microsoft Office for decades it is quite natural to ‘feel’ proficient in using it. But you have no idea how rampant the inefficiency is. To help you prove this to yourself, I have created simple Efficiency Tests. Try one or more of these tests and then you will realize the problem. Nobody needs to know the results – except yourself!


Photo credit: twm1340 / Foter / CC BY-SA

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Efficiency Test 7: Outlook : Sending mail to multiple contacts

Here is another test. Simple task. But that does not mean you know the most efficient method. Try it out. You will be surprised!

The test is simple. What is the most efficient way of sending a mail to all contacts from a specific company? (The contacts are already in your contacts folder).

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Efficiency Test 5: PowerPoint

Here is a simple test. Suppose you have a presentation with 60+ slides. Many slides have notes. You want to send the presentation to a customer. But the notes contain information which is confidential. You make a copy of the presentation and now you want to remove all the notes (some accidental comments may also be there).

What is the smartest and fastest way of removing all notes and comments from a presentation?

Post your answers as comments to this post. Will publish the answer tomorrow.

Efficiency Test 4 : Word : Solution

Please read the earlier article Efficiency Test 4: Word. The challenge was to perform table formatting tasks in the most optimal way.

Here is the solution. You need a total of 10 clicks.

Reading time  10 min. (Why 10 minutes to understand 10 clicks? Because you are not just learning where to click. You are learning how to communicate with Word in a language it understands!)

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