Quick and easy: Backspace and Delete

Recently I noticed that many people don’t know this. So here it is. Look at where your editing cursor is.

If you want to remove things on the LEFT side of the cursor, use BACKSPACE key.

If you want to remove something on the RIGHT side of the cursor, you press DELETE key.

Entire word on either side can be removed by pressing CTRL key along with Delete or Backspace keys.


Although there is no existing shortcut or Word Command to delete the word under the cursor, a single line of code deletes the current word (without selecting it).


Thanks to my friend, Raj Chaudhuri, for figuring out this brilliant one-line macro Thumbs up

How to make a picture transparent – Macro

In an earlier article, I had shown a method of making a picture transparent using the Transparency animation. This method shows the transparency only while PRESENTING – not while EDITING. Here is a macro which will help you create a transparent copy of any picture which is transparent during editing as well.


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Finding Find!


Quick and effective. Learn this and you will wonder why you did not know it earlier…

In Word (2010 onwards), press Ctrl F. DO NOT type any text. Just click that lens. Look at all options and learn. Yes. That is all I am going to write. You just need a trigger and someone to point you in the right direction. You don’t need spoon feeding because you are smart enough to figure it out yourself.

Of course if you don’t understand anything, do post your questions. I will be happy to answer them.

How to reorder the topics of a long document instantly?

Well, this was written earlier, but this brilliant feature was hidden behind other features. Create a document using Styles (more details). Now open Navigation Pane from View tab. It shows the entire structure of the document. Assume that you have already written lot of content under each heading and sub-heading. No problem! Just drag and drop things into a new position. That’s all. If you drag a higher level item, the child items move with it. Numbering, if any, will also be readjusted automatically!

The real benefit is that you can reorder your thoughts easily. This feature works only after Version 2010. But in earlier versions – you could use Outline View – Show Heading levels 3 and use Shift Alt Up / Down arrows to reorder the document content.


Ctrl – Drag = Copy anything


Another simple but extremely useful action. Press Ctrl key and drag the item to copy it. Works in File Explorer, Desktop icons, Paragraphs, SmartArt, Charts, Pivots, Shapes, Pictures, Videos, Visio Shapes, selected cells, and so on across Office and Windows.

Exception: For PowerPoint thumbnail view (left side of Normal slide view), drag first and then press CTRL key.