How to make Office UI look like Adobe UI

This is a special post for avide Adobe users. Adobe products have dark gray menus. It reduces the eye-strain. Office menus are white in color by default. And many people work on Office as well throughout the day… so how do you reduce the eye-strain? Simple.

Go to File – Options and choose Dark Gray theme. This theme was introduced in Office 2016. Office 2013 also has a gray theme but it is not as dark. See the difference for yourself.


Default Theme is white


Change it to Dark Gray theme


You can also try the Colorful theme. It changes color based upon the product.

image    image[26]   image

2 thoughts on “How to make Office UI look like Adobe UI

    • Hi Suhas
      Yes, I know it is there. But I feel that those backgrounds are more of a distraction. I do not see any practical benefit. I know that it is an aesthetic enhancement, not a functional one. But in the context of Office UI, aesthetic enhancement is simply not required 🙂
      Usually you will notice aesthetics playing a role if the object is low on functionality. If something is undeniably useful, aesthetics is just not required.

      For example, have you seen a fire extinguisher with a floral pattern on it? Or an electronic watch with diamonds?

      In short, that is not a FEATURE from my point of view. Hence I left it out intentionally. Of course, it is my personal opinion. If someone finds it soothing or exciting, by all means go ahead and use it.


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