Attend my free webinar on Effective Teamwork tomorrow

Microsoft and Economic Times are arranging a third webinar where I will explain how to work more effectively with others – teamwork, collaboration, co-authoring and the works!

30th June 2015, 04:30 to 05:30 PM Indian Standard Time (GMT +05:30 HRs)

Register here


Topics to be covered

  1. Disadvantages of sending mails with attachments
  2. Disadvantages of storing files in My Documents
  3. Disadvantages of storing files on shared folders on departmental servers
  4. The real meaning of SHARING
  5. Thinking about the intent: Delivery vs. Sharing
  6. Where to store: OneDrive
  7. OneDrive = for ONE person and always ONE copy
  8. Personal vs. Business usage of OneDrive
  9. Storing documents DIRECTLY to OneDrive
  10. Personal Benefit: Working across devices
  11. Teamwork Benefit: One copy for all
  12. Sharing documents with others
  13. Controlling the security
  14. Automatic versioning
  15. Simultaneous editing
  16. Knowing who is doing what
  17. Knowing when document is changed
  18. Sharing Excel reports
  19. Faster communication with secure, audited chat
  20. Sharing a document live for immediate editing and approval
  21. Presenting live from PowerPoint without any third-party software
  22. Sharing minutes of meetings and project information with the team
  23. Shared calendars, task lists and contacts
  24. More ideas for effective collaboration
  25. Recap of the NEW way of collaboration
  26. Q&A

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