Data Analytics Webinar Video

Thank you for the overwhelming response. More than 800 attendees, 70+ questions.
Watch the video on YouTube (use 720P) or Download (MP4, 188 mb, 60 min) and view on your PC. A big thank you to the Microsoft and Economic Times team for making this possible.

8 thoughts on “Data Analytics Webinar Video

  1. Reblogged this on Excel B2B and commented:
    Usando as novas ferramentas do Excel 2013 para análise e manipulação de dados.

    Ontem o Dr Nitin apresentou via Webinar o que é possivel fazer com os novos recursos do MicroSoft Excel 2013.

    Entenda um pouco mais sobre os recursos Power Query, Power Pivot e Power View e o que eles oferencem.

    Thank You Dr Nitin for sharing your expertise.

  2. Hi Nitin,
    The video get start running but there is no DOWNLOAD button even after pause.
    I am not able to download.

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