Knowledge Pack: OneNote

Here is a list of OneNote related articles – in recommended reading order. Whether you are just starting with OneNote or you are  an experienced user, you will find useful ideas and essential skills while reading these articles. Your feedback is most welcome.


Knowledge Pack is my way of creating a reading list. I write articles in any order – usually the way thoughts come to my mind or the kind of interaction I have with customers. Once in a while, I rearrange those articles and call it a Knowledge Pack.

OneNote articles

  1. Office Joke: Why is OneNote called ONE note?

  2. OneNote: It is free, but what is it?

  3. You need OneNote. Spend 4 min to find out why!

  4. OneNote usage: Practical Scenarios

  5. How to start using OneNote

  6. Standardize Processes using Checklists in OneNote

  7. Students – try this NEW way of learning using OneNote

  8. Never miss important points during a meeting. Use OneNote audio recording.

  9. OneNote Linked Notes – with Word and PowerPoint

  10. Recruiters, Sourcing, Researchers – Use OneNote Linked Notes

  11. Marketing: How to interact with external agencies efficiently

  12. Add meaning to your notes using OneNote Tags

  13. Legal Professionals: Searching scanned documents

  14. Never lose a visiting card – Use OneNote and SharePoint

  15. Show Off Demo: OneNote and Outlook

  16. How to add new pages in OneNote

  17. Custom Toolbar (QAT) for OneNote

  18. Office 365 Team Site – Creates OneNote notebook automatically

  19. OneNote Calculator

  20. Did you know: Instant Tables in OneNote

  21. Using links to OneNote content


7 thoughts on “Knowledge Pack: OneNote

  1. Hello Dr. Nitin, I am unable to activate the ‘Subscribe by Email’ option.
    After entering a valid email address and clicking on the button, it displays the error
    “Your subscription did not succeed, please try again with a valid email address.”

    Is there any other way to activate the subscription?

    • Hello again, Dr. Nitin,
      I managed to activate it by checking the option “Notify me of new posts via email.” while posting my above comment. 🙂

  2. Hi

    Is there a way to search onenote from another application or a web browser?

    We have a service desk knowledge base that is in onenote, and a tool which can do google searches using a browser/api thing and want to know if you can use something to interigate it outside of opening the application on a file share?


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