Use Emojis with Office, FB, Twitter ☔


This is possible if you have Windows 8.1 or above. Emojis are very popular but were restricted to chat applications. Read on to find out how to use Emoji in Windows and Office.

If you are using an older version of windows, you can copy paste Emoji from

Segoe UI Emoji font

This font contains all the Emojis in full color. Unfortunately, the colors can only be rendered on Internet Explorer. So you can post using these on FB or Twitter.

Colored ones are not available in Office tools as of now.
But don’t lose heart. It is still a nice thing to have.

Insert – Symbol does NOT work

This application does not understand Emojis yet. Don’t try it.

Use Touch Keyboard

Right click on any empty area of task bar and choose Touch Keyboard.


It will appear as an icon in the taskbar. Click it to launch the touch keyboard.


Click on the Smiley to get all Emojis.  Click on the emoji to put it into the currently open document or presentation.


Unfortunately, these are black in color Sad smile.  Don’t worry. Relax.

There is a way to make them colorful till Office understands them natively.
Use Gradients!


The top row is the base Emoji and the second row shows the same ones with color in them. Each item is like a character typed using any other font. Therefore you can choose each character and use Text Fill – Gradient option to use colors creatively.


These are the gradients used for each of the diagrams. The angles used are chosen depending upon the type of graphic shown.




Read these articles to learn how to use gradients like a pro.
High Impact Presentations: Using Gradients
High Impact Presentations: Gradients – Part 2

Where can Emoji be used within Office?

All products. In Outlook Web Access, color is seen in Inbox (if you open it on Windows 8.1 machine with latest IE). But otherwise, it is black and white. Font gradient information will be lost if you use it in an email. Emoji is just another font – Segoe UI Emoji. Therefore it can be used anywhere.



Technical details

Like everything else, Microsoft introduced a new technical innovation while adding Emoji support. It is called Color Fonts. Yes. Till now fonts were designed only as a set of shapes. There was no color information inside the font. We used to apply color to the typed text. Read details here:

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