Not receiving an important message? Check Junk Mail and Quarantine


This is a common problem. Someone has sent a critical message repeatedly and you cannot find it. There are two probable places to find it. Junk Mail or on the Exchange Server Quarantine. Here is how you find it…

Photo credit: Astrocatou / Foter / CC BY-NC and Nikon 
(Intentionally used binoculars instead of telescope because it is a more familiar search icon)

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Filtering Pivot Tables by Timeline

Any field can be put in filter area (including dates). Furthermore, dates can be GROUPED by Month, Quarter, Year, etc. Nothing new here.

A new way of filtering by time is now available (2013) – called Timeline. Pivot Table Tools – Analyze tab – Insert Timeline. This window appears. You can move it around and adjust it as required.


Clicking on the title of the Timeline shows a new menu called Timeline Options. In this menu there is a very useful option called Report Connections. Using this option, you can connect the SAME TIMELINE to multiple pivot tables (even across sheets). This way, the timeline filter affects all pivot tables.

Along with Slicers, timeline offers a new and easy way of creating interactive dashboards.

When the Excel file is stored on OneDrive or SharePoint sites, the report is opened on a browser by default. The timeline and slicer interactivity will work even on the browser version of the report. It works with all types of browsers which support HTML 5.

Next time you create a pivot table – why not add a timeline as well?