Knowledge Pack: Data Accuracy in Excel


 image We take accuracy of Excel data for granted.

Often the raw data as well as results of formulas can be wrong, outdated or misleading.

Here is a collection of 13 articles which will help you ensure accuracy of Excel data with minimal effort.

What is a Knowledge Pack

It is a collection of my articles which relate to a single topic. The articles are listed below in the recommended order of reading.

Reading these articles will provide you with breadth as well as depth of knowledge related to the chosen topic. In most cases you will also find sample files with detailed instructions.

Data Accuracy cannot be taken for granted

Most of us do not cross check the results of formulas, ranges of Pivot Tables or Charts when we receive files from others. Even your own files may contain mistakes.

Excel provides extensive set of features for data accuracy validation. Here is the recommended list of articles which explain the problem and the solutions available.

Recommended Reading

The order of reading is important. Each article builds upon the knowledge of previous articles.

  1. Auditors, Risk Managers, Everyone: Did you know? These green marks are WARNINGS!!
  2. Green Marks Part 2: Formulas showing wrong results!
  3. Green Marks Part 3: More error handling
  4. Green Marks Part 4: Inconsistent Formulas
  5. Green Marks Part 5/5 (Background Error Checking in Excel)
  6. BFSI: Makers and Checkers: Save Time and Eliminate Errors
  7. Excel data cleanup using Word!
  8. Good Data vs. Bad Data: How to identify?
  9. Miraculous Automatic Data Cleanup in Excel
  10. Bad Data to Good Data: Filling in gaps using Power Query
  11. Crosstab data consolidation using Power Query
  12. What did I learn today? Power Query Unpivot Other Columns
  13. Analyzing badly captured survey data

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