Repetition = Inefficiency



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This is an important article. That is why I am writing it using calligraphy. In order to become Efficient, you must start observing how you work – every action… Whenever you notice Repetition … STOP!!! Why? Because …

Repetition = Inefficiency

Step One – Detect Inefficiency Step Two – Find a better way

This mindset is called Efficiency.

How to find a better way?

Detecting inefficiency using this method is easy. But how to find a better way – in fact the best way? Of course that requires some time and effort. However, the time spent in finding the better way is an INVESTMENT to prevent future wastage of time. This entire blog is dedicated towards demonstrating efficient ways of getting work done and driving growth – personal as well as organizational. We will cover some commonly repetitive tasks which are not even noticed as inefficient in future articles.

Technical details

Please bear with my calligraphic attempt – still learning. Trying to make use of all methods I know to make the articles interesting and effective.

Calligraphy reference

The Calligrapher’s Bible: 100 Complete Alphabets and How to Draw Them An authoritative book if you like calligraphy. At 20 USD it is a grab.


Ink and Paper. (Parker calligraphy set) Digital Calligraphy using Autodesk SketchBook Pro and Microsoft Surface Pro with the amazing stylus.  

Coincidentally, while I wrote this blog today, Microsoft announced the latest version Surface Pro 3. Have a look. Amazing specifications and ergonomics.

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4 thoughts on “Repetition = Inefficiency

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