Just discovered: very useful shortcut in PowerPoint

This is a short post. But it is very nice and useful. I found it recently… I don’t know if this is documented – I did not check.

While editing presentations, we often need to edit the layout master and / or the slide master. I just found a very quick way to do so.


The regular method

Usually we use View tab – Slide Master. This takes you to the current layout master. In order to reach the slide master you have to scroll up till you find it.

It could have been made a little simpler by adding the Slide Master button to QAT. But there is a simpler way.

The fastest way

It is simpler than you think.

Suppose you are editing this slide… Picture with caption layout.


Press shift key and then click on the Normal view icon in the status bar.


This takes you to the slide layout master.


Press shift key and click again on the same icon – it takes you directly to the slide master!


Simple and easy.

There is more…

Press Ctrl and Shift and click – while you are viewing the normal (slide editing) view… it  hides the left side thumbnail pane.

Press Alt and click on the same icon, it takes opens the outline pane on the left side.

May be there is more… but why don’t you explore all the view icons and try various combinations of Shift, Ctrl and Alt keys along with click.

If you find something interesting, do post here as a comment.

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3 thoughts on “Just discovered: very useful shortcut in PowerPoint

  1. knew the first keyboard shortcut but not the later ones. thanku for sharing. I use PPT a lot, interestingly for DTP!! sometimes creating the concept (using PPT graphics) and getting it done by proff DTP in corel. Recently i disccovered a cool autoshape called ‘frame’ which is not there in word but there in PPT. It It gives the effect of a resizable border. It perfectly fit what i was looking for one of our webpage. have attached the screenshot. Even used frame to make a certificate specimen in PPT! earlier used Word.

  2. Thanks Madhu. Learnt one more thing. Frame is good. What frame does cannot be done with a rectangle with thick border because this guy has a border and a body. Of course, the same effect can be achieved using Office 2010 subtract option using two rectangles. But frame is ready made… so less effort.

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