Table going outside the page? Three click solution.

Common problem

I am sure you have faced this problem before.


Simply frustrating Devil

You copy pasted something from Excel to Word and the width of the page was not enough. The table is now cut off beyond the right edge of the page. The solution?

What is your solution to this problem?

Well, well, I won’t go there. Because I have seen many different innovative ways people use to get that misbehaving table inside the page. If I list all the innovations, it will require three articles Winking smile

The actual solution requires just three clicks

Make sure you are somewhere inside the table.

Click the Layout button in Table Tools


Open the AutoFit drop down

Choose AutoFit to Window


That’s it.

Of course this does not mean you can copy hundreds of columns from Excel or other sources and fit them into Word. Unlike Excel, the width available in Word is limited by the page size. So you have to minimize the amount of data you are pasting.

Landscape mode can give you little more space, but that also has a limit.

If you really need very detailed information from Excel to be a part of the Word document, then you need to EMBED the Excel file into Word. (Read Copy Paste – Part 6 – Embedding article for more details).

Now compare this method with your method!!!

What did we learn?

Every problem you may have has already been noticed by Microsoft. And they have provide the solution for it.
The sad part is that we never noticed it in 15 years!

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