Quiz Time: Win 20 USD or 1500 INR gift voucher

We have had a series of Outlook related posts.

It is a good time to test how much you have learnt.


Quiz Question

What is Quick Click in Outlook?
Also specify a practical usage scenario for it.

How to answer

  • Post your answer as a comment on this article in WordPress
  • Answers posted in Facebook pages, LinkedIn, or any other site will not be eligible
  • The quiz is open till 11:59 pm IST today (Monday, 10th Feb 2014)
  • The quiz is open till 12:00 PM IST on Tuesday, 11th Feb 2014 (to ensure that readers from other time-zones can also participate).
  • The person who answers correctly gets the prize
  • If multiple persons (say n)have answered correctly, we will choose the winner randomly using Randbetween (1, n) function in Excel. The n th correct post in chronological order will be considered the winner
  • If the winner is from outside India,  USD 20 Amazon Gift Voucher is the prize
  • If the winner is from India, she can choose from Amazon or Flipkart (INR 1500)
  • We will announce the winner in tomorrow’s post
  • The gift voucher will be mailed to the winner using the email id used in the reply

9 thoughts on “Quiz Time: Win 20 USD or 1500 INR gift voucher

  1. one can set the quick click for setting the flags for default action. Under followup there is a option of setting the quick click. This can be set to default flags like today, tomorrow, next week etc or custom flag can be created. By setting the quick click one can just click on flag status at mail and mail flag status would be set to the default action as set by quick click. Multiple mails can also be selected. Practically if one want to follow the mails for next day he can set the quick click to next day and then can change the flag status by just a single click.

  2. Quick Click: look at the top right hand side of ur outlook <> do u see Outlook logo, yes next to that, the task u do most in outlook e.g: Ctrl+N for new Email, REDO, Touch Enable device, yes yes, that’s what we call quick click you can add more options to it based on your usage.


  3. Quick Click is a feature in Outlook 2007 onwards that allows you to tag an email with a color coded category (default: Red Category, but both the color and name can be changed), with a single click in the Category column in the email list view next to the flag icon, without actually flagging it for a follow-up action which would cause it to show up in the Todo bar.

    A common usage scenario is to mark an email as Important to be read later (whereas if it actually needs a follow-up action e.g. reply or some other workflow action, then one can use the flag to mark it for follow-up (or manually drag it to the Todo task bar).

  4. Thank you for posting answers. I posted this quiz at 18:00 IST and decided to keep it open only till 11:59 IST. I realized that it is unfair to readers in other time zones. Therefore, I am extending the deadline for replying to the quiz till 12:00 (noon) on Tue, 11th Feb 2014. Will declare the winner tomorrow afternoon.

  5. Quick Click in Outlook helps in setting a follow up flag and the default is today.
    The practical scenario is to create a to-do list task and follow people if you have assign the task to some one.

  6. Quick click is a way of categorizing the emails. In a single click a mail or contact can be categorized to default category. Default category can be set using set up quick clicks. Custom followup flags can also be made using custom option where start date , end date can also be defined.Similarly for contact also flag can be defined using single click. In a table view of contact flag option comes and by clicking that once it sets the flag to default category. I use quick click for making a mail important one so that I can review the same at a later date also. So I have to review only my important mails at a later date.

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