Writing articles? Get word count with CTRL ALT G

We often write articles which have a word limit. Often abstracts have a very strict word limit.

While writing things you should be able to monitor the word count.

This is very easy. Word status bar shows the word count as you type.


In case you cannot see the word count, right click on the Status Bar and choose Word count. It is a long list. Take few more seconds to see what else is useful and choose those options as well. Section number is another useful indicator.

Now the word count will be shown live.

Often we write the abstract followed by the actual article. So if you want to know the word count of only the abstract what do you do?

Just select the abstract (or any other area) and choose Review Tab – Word Count.


Word count is shown in detail. Notice the option to include or exclude things other than the main document.


Of course there is a shortcut available…


This is a rare case where the tooltip of the button does not show the keyboard shortcut. I have notified Microsoft about it. I am sure it will be corrected in the next version.