Today is UNDO day :)

UNDO is used when you make a mistake and you want to revert. That is fine.
But that is NOT the primary reason for which we end up using UNDO so often.

But often we perform some activity expecting some specific thing to happen.
Unfortunately something else happens and then we get frustrated.
To repair the damage, we press UNDO. Ok so you are back to where you started.
Did UNDO solve the problem? Did it give you what you expected? Not at all.
We have to then do that activity using some other work-around.
Obviously, it requires more time and effort.


Ctrl Z keys – shortcut for UNDO

So here is a fresh revelation:

Undo = you don’t know how to do!

Is this sounding like a bad news? May be – because it is exposing your ignorance.
But wait, let us look at it positively –

Undo = Learning Opportunity

Today is UNDO awareness day. Here is what you should do.
Consciously notice when you are about to press UNDO (CTRL Z) and STOP.
Don’t UNDO.

Think… what went wrong? Can I perform the activity in a little different way so that I can get what I want?

Now look around carefully. In most cases you will notice these inexplicable and irritating icons appearing from nowhere.

Smart Tags, icons which appear after copy paste or drag operations

Smart Tags

Usually we hate them and ignore them.
But from today onwards, we are going to click on them, look at what they have to offer and learn from them.

You will realize that whatever you expected, is available there.
Microsoft has thought of all possible variations of that actions and provided relevant actions.

Just try it and let me know how much you learnt!