Marketing: Arranging multiple pictures in few clicks!


Yesterday, I conducted sessions for 650+ professionals at a leading automotive manufacturing company… Very smart audience, amazing grasping power.


Here is one of the demos I used in the session…


I have multiple pictures. I want to put them into a SmartArt diagram quickly. But if I use Insert – SmartArt – Picture SmartArt, I have to insert each picture one by one.

That is repetitive. Repetition = Inefficiency Sad smile

Is there a faster, smarter way?


Of course there is. Here are the steps.

  1. Choose Insert – Pictures
  2. Select all pictures and add them
  3. As soon as the pictures are inserted, they are already selected.
  4. DO NOT unselect them.image
  5. Notice that pictures are of different sizes and randomly arranged.
  6. While all pictures are selected, click the Picture Tools tab
  7. Open the Picture Layout dropdown
  8. Notice that all types of Picture SmartArt appear hereimage
  9. Choose the one you want
  10. The size of the diagram will be determined by the size of the picture selection
  11. Adjust the diagram size as neededimage
  12. Open the text editor and add titles if required
  13. That’s it!

8 thoughts on “Marketing: Arranging multiple pictures in few clicks!

  1. Sir
    I attended this session of you, it was fabulous Thank you for that.
    Is there a way/option in office to arrange the pics in multiple slides with one pic in one slide in faster or smarter way like described for arrangement in a single slide

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  6. Sir,
    I have attended your session in BSNL Corporate office on 16.12.2015, it was excellent. Thank you for that. I have already your site on same day. Now I am regularly visit your blog.

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