Welcome to Efficiency 365

From 1st November 2013 I am starting this new site.

The idea is to deliver a useful best practice about efficiency every day. Each post may be an article or a video. But there will be one new thing to learn every day.


The posts are NOT in random order. These posts build on top of each other. Therefore, if you follow them every day, you will get incremental benefits.

Till date I have conducted face-to-face sessions for over 185,000 people worldwide. It is a good start. But there are 1 billion people who need the knowledge and best practices. Hence I am starting this blog.

The blog will cover the entire Office 365 platform. From client tools to cloud services.

Your feedback and suggestions are welcome. If you like it, please share with your colleagues, friends and family. Everyone will benefit from this blog.

My other blog Instant Efficiency is also active. It covers recent trends, in-depth coverage about specific topics and some tools which create and publish from time to time.