New Excel Tool: Scribble a line and generate data (and chart)

image This is a utility I created along with Raj Chaudhuri many years back.Use the scribble tool to draw a waveform or shape, the utility will create the data for it.

You can then create a line chart which looks similar to original drawing.
Try it out.

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How to create lots of text quickly and why?

image This is an interesting feature of Word since its earliest version.It allows you to generate random text – and lots of it.

Who needs random text and why?

Read on to find out …

Estimated reading time 7 min

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Word: Efficiency Test 2 – Solved

Please read the earlier article Word: Efficiency Test 2. The challenge was to perform table formatting tasks in the most optimal way.

Here is the solution. You need a total of 10 clicks.

Reading time  10 min. (Why 10 minutes to understand 10 clicks? Because you are not just learning where to click. You are learning how to communicate with Word in a language it understands!)

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Word: Efficiency Test 2

The first Word Efficiency test was very popular. So here is another one. This time we talk about commonly required table formatting. If you don’t know the efficient method, you will waste a lot of time. If you know the right way, it takes few seconds. Continue reading

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How vs. Why: the right approach to teaching and learning

image In our busy lifestyle, we are always looking for Tips and Tricks.That is called HOW approach – which is spoon feeding.I prefer the WHY approach – which creates knowledge.

Read on to find out the difference.

Estimated reading time 10 min

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OneNote Calculator

image OneNote has a very nice and handy calculator.

Start using it NOW.

Estimated Reading Time 3 min

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Using Formulas in Word tables

image Did you know Word can contain formulas? Yes. It can.

For simple calculations you don’t need to use Excel.

Estimated learning time 5 min

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