Efficiency Test 8: Excel: Scrolling Horizontally

Scrolling is inevitable. But there is a catch. If you press Page Down, the next screen of rows are shown. The problem is, we also need to scroll horizontally. What do you do then?

What is the most efficient way of scrolling horizontally?

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Efficiency Test 7: Outlook : Sending mail to multiple contacts

Here is another test. Simple task. But that does not mean you know the most efficient method. Try it out. You will be surprised!

The test is simple. What is the most efficient way of sending a mail to all contacts from a specific company? (The contacts are already in your contacts folder).

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Efficiency Test 6: Excel : Copying Formulas

Yes, you have been copying formulas for decades. I know. But you don’t know the most efficient method – most probably! Try it out. Spend just 4 minutes of your time.

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Best Windows Customization (Tweaking)Tool

image Windows has a mind boggling number of settings and options.Ultimate Windows Tweaker makes it very easy to customize windows settings.Have a look and start using it.

Estimated reading time 10 min

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Using Touch is confusing? Solution: See the Touch!

image This article applies only to Windows touch devices.We often get confused while using Touch to perform actions on the screen.Sometimes the touch gestures don’t work as expected.Windows has a brilliant feature to help you.Estimated reading time 10 min.

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Knowledge Pack: Data Analytics

image Data Analysis and Reports has been a major theme for my articles so far. 

Here is a collection of 51 articles, categorized and sorted in the recommended reading order.



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Custom sorting in Pivot Table using Custom Lists

image This feature has been around for two decades.
It is high time you know it!

Decide the sort order once and use it lifelong.


Estimated reading time 10 min

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