Excel Efficiency Test Solved : Find Replace Formatting

This is the continuation of the article Efficiency Test: Excel

The objective was to change all cells having dd-mm-yy formatting to dd-mmm-yy formatting across all sheets in the most efficient way. Continue reading

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Efficiency Test: Excel

The Word and PowerPoint efficiency test have become very popular. So here is another one for Excel. It is a very interesting test. The problem looks simpler. But you will learn a lot while finding the solution. Continue reading

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Students – try this NEW way of learning using OneNote

 image In the previous article, we saw how audio recording in OneNote synchronizes automatically with your notes.

This feature can revolutionize how students attend lectures and take notes.

Read on to find out how.

Estimated reading time 4 min.

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Never miss important points during a meeting. Use OneNote audio recording.

 image Do you spend lot of time capturing detailed minutes of meeting or taking exhaustive notes while attending lectures?

This way you get less time to participate and concentrate on the content.

OneNote offers a brilliant solution to this problem.

Estimated reading time 10 min.

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Inefficiency test: Hands vs. Brain


How do you know if your method of getting work done using Office is efficient or inefficient?

Here is a simple but powerful test you can use to find out.

Estimated reading time 4 min.

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Magical PowerPoint backgrounds with photos and finger painting

image With little effort – and lot of fun, you can create amazing backgrounds for PowerPoint using Surface Pro.

Learn how to do finger painting and smudging using Fresh Paint and get outstanding results.

Reading and practicing time 15 min.

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Knowledge Pack: Data Accuracy in Excel


 image We take accuracy of Excel data for granted.

Often the raw data as well as results of formulas can be wrong, outdated or misleading.

Here is a collection of 13 articles which will help you ensure accuracy of Excel data with minimal effort.

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