Use Split while replying to long mails

image When you receive a long mail, you need to respond to it in detail.
We waste lot of time scrolling up and down to see the content and then reply to it.The solution is to use the SPLIT feature. Read on to find out how to do it using Outlook …

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How to check coverage of a topic in a long presentation

image In a long presentation, it is easy to lose track of the objective and create an ineffective presentation.In this article, I will demonstrate an easy but effective method of checking the coverage and distribution of specific concepts or topics across the presentation.

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How to check coverage of a topic in a Word document

image Long name. Suppose you are writing a document about a particular product, topic, concept or idea. In a long document you want to quickly check if the topic has been covered across the document (or presentation).
You may not have realized it yet, but you can actually use Find All option here. Read on to understand how…

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Photo Makeover in Minutes

image Often we get photos showing your face or selfies. Usually you cannot use these photos for formal scenarios. Here is a quick way of salvaging informal photos and giving them a professional look.

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Onetastic: Very useful utilities for OneNote

image OneNote has a new add-in tool, which I found to be very useful. Here is a quick description of what you get and why you may need it.
It also explains how to create your own macros using Onetastic.

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High impact data presentations using Power Map Tour

image Till now we have seen various aspects of plotting geographical information.
How do you present this information to others? Often we want to show our plans in a step by step manner – going from one location / region to another.
This can be done using Tours in Power Map.
Let us explore how this can be done.

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Using categories with 3D Map

image Till now we have been plotting just one number for each geographical location. Now we will understand how the number can be broken down by categories available in your data. This way you can see traditional charts on top of the map – another new way of understanding information better.

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